Firstly a sorry, I’ve gone super quiet again. Now that I have finished university for the summer and all the deadlines have passed, I thought that I would jump straight back into blogging. But I haven’t. I have faltered, whether it be thinking up an idea, taking some pictures or even starting some writing. But … More Faltering…

The Prompt – Sun

This week, #ThePrompt is all about what comes to mind when you think of the word ‘Sun.’ However, with the lateness of this post, I think I am still thinking of last week’s word of Organise! I still haven’t got round to getting everything done and ticked off my list, but I’m blaming it on … More The Prompt – Sun

The Prompt- Dance

I think the older the get, the less you dance. I think the last time I properly danced was probably when I was in early middle school at a birthday disco. This was considered the best type of party, where you would get all dressed up; roller glitter on your arms, temporary diamante tattoos, glitter … More The Prompt- Dance

A week to change

This week hasn’t been the best for me. But, although it hasn’t been ideal, it has made me realise that things need to change. Inevitably, some days with mental health are going to be better than others. I thought I was doing well with emetophobia and controlling it. It even gets to the stage where … More A week to change

The Prompt – Up

I’ve never been a night owl or an early bird, rather a mix of the two and hoping to find some sort of a balance between them. I am up super early in the morning, but then at 11pm I am still sat scrolling through twitter or watching the TV, only to remember I still … More The Prompt – Up

Bargain blooms

I absolutely love having flowers in the house. I don’t know why, but I always think that people who have got fresh flowers in their house have got their life together. Adding a bunch of flowers on the kitchen table is like the finishing touch, so everything else in the house must be spick and … More Bargain blooms