Firstly a sorry, I’ve gone super quiet again. Now that I have finished university for the summer and all the deadlines have passed, I thought that I would jump straight back into blogging. But I haven’t.

I have faltered, whether it be thinking up an idea, taking some pictures or even starting some writing. But then I stop. I start to question, is it good enough, will anyone want to read it? That’s one of the strange things about blogging, particularly lifestyle blogging, you become an open book, people you have never met, around the country, or even the world, can read these personal thoughts that you have been typing away.

Now, I don’t think I need to worry at this stage, with a grand total of three page views for my last post (one was me to check that the link was working) and forty twitter followers.(Thank you to everyone though, you do make me feel grateful that you think my ramblings are worth a follow.)

But with that, I also feel hugely inadequate. Blogging has sadly -myself included -worrying about page views and followers. Blog design pages are sleeker and Instagram posts are presented immaculately. How will I ever compete?

But maybe that’s the problem, it shouldn’t be a competition. Blogging is a creative outlet. I love hearing about other peoples experience’s and thoughts and I love it when they post something that is a little less ‘glossy’ and more real-life. Without other bloggers I wouldn’t have had the confidence to talk openly about my own experiences of IBS or mental health. They made me feel that I have support and acceptance, and that blogging was a network of people who are looking out for each other.


So what to do? Well, I don’t know what direction this blog is going to take, but for the time being, I want it to express my struggles but also my triumphs. Photographs still aren’t going to be crisp and words are maybe going to be a little jumbled. I want to use my blog for little, short snapshot posts about how I’m feeling or what has caught my attention. So this time, my next post is not to far away. Until then, thank you again to anyone reading this, or any of my followers for their support!


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