Money Saving Meals

Food is a big part of my life, I love thinking up, creating and eating recipes, whilst constantly tinkering with different ingredients and quantities in my bakes. I’ve been baking at a varying levels of skill since I was tiny. I literally couldn’t go past the baking aisle when I was younger without purchasing a cake baking kit. The big decision was always Tom and Jerry (strawberry) or Dennis the Menace (chocolate). You then couldn’t wait to get started, the electric mixer we had always used to overheat, and had a very particular smell! When me and my brother had finished you were left with a variety of different sized cakes, some burning over the edge of the paper case and others that only had a drop in them. They were then covered in sticky icing and rice paper decoration carefully placed onto each, with the intense concentration and precision by our little fingers.


Now days, one of my main aims is to create good food at low prices. This involves using ingredients you may not have thought have, and substituting more expensive items. I also try and do a rough costing as well, to show you how much it would roughly cost to make them, although prices vary due to supermarkets and seasons.

Money saving is a really important issue to me. I made the decision to go to university so I know I have a debt creeping up. Add this to bus fares and that my job is in customer service is seasonal and so finished Christmas Eve, I am forever thinking of ways to save some pennies. Therefore I thought I might share some of the things I do, and it hopefully might give you some ideas too. None of them are that revolutionary, you may have heard them repeated around before, but they are very easy to incorporate into everyday life without too much difficulty, which I think is useful, just simple, little switches. I will be adding little guides to each of my top tips, over the coming weeks, as well as trying to create some budget but tasty recipes, so I hope that you find them helpful!


Here are a few of some of my money saving meal recipes

Bread buns

Chocolate Easter Nests

Marbled Chocolate Rice Cakes

Lasagne/Pasta Bake