The Prompt – Sun

This week, #ThePrompt is all about what comes to mind when you think of the word ‘Sun.’ However, with the lateness of this post, I think I am still thinking of last week’s word of Organise! I still haven’t got round to getting everything done and ticked off my list, but I’m blaming it on … More The Prompt – Sun

The Prompt- Dance

I think the older the get, the less you dance. I think the last time I properly danced was probably when I was in early middle school at a birthday disco. This was considered the best type of party, where you would get all dressed up; roller glitter on your arms, temporary diamante tattoos, glitter … More The Prompt- Dance

The Prompt – Up

I’ve never been a night owl or an early bird, rather a mix of the two and hoping to find some sort of a balance between them. I am up super early in the morning, but then at 11pm I am still sat scrolling through twitter or watching the TV, only to remember I still … More The Prompt – Up