The Prompt – Up

I’ve never been a night owl or an early bird, rather a mix of the two and hoping to find some sort of a balance between them. I am up super early in the morning, but then at 11pm I am still sat scrolling through twitter or watching the TV, only to remember I still haven’t washed my hair or made my lunch for tomorrow.

I think I just don’t need that much sleep, usually about 4/5hrs. I’ve never been a great sleeper,and I just find it frustrating lying there, when I could be doing something more useful with my time. I’m an over-thinker at the best of times, and night times seems to make it twice as worse. Going over and analysing the day, did I do this right, could they have taken what I said the wrong where, should I have not bought such and such?

Also, for some reason, my brain thinks that night time is the perfect time to make critical life decisions or for bursts of motivation to do something. Sometimes I’m adamant I am going to write a book, book a holiday, or have a great business idea. (So great in fact, that I can’t even remember what it was the next day!)

So, I like getting up and abut early. A great thing about getting up an hour or two before everyone else in the house is the peace. I can go downstairs and it’s lovely and quiet, where I can sit with a cup of tea and my breakfast and watch the TV in peace. No interruptions or someone wanting to change the channel. I also think I am being more productive with my day, I like feeling that everything is in control and that I have a full day to sort things and so can take regular breaks with work. Although, being up early also means that by about half ten I am already ready for my lunch.


Here’s a photography from about a month or so ago from my bedroom window. It was taken at about five in the morning. I have always said that I would love to go to the countryside to watch the sun rise or set, but I suppose this is the next best thing and a little more convenient!


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2 thoughts on “The Prompt – Up

  1. What a beautiful sunrise! I like getting up early, I always feel like my day has been so much more productive when I’ve managed to get a few things done before any one else is up. Easier in the summer though when it’s light! I’m not a night owl though, have to get to bed at a sensible time 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing with #ThePrompt x

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