About General Ramblings


I started a blog quite a few months ago, focusing on my two main interests; food and flowers. I never published the posts, but just kept typing away lots of little snippets of things that I found of interest. But then slowly, it became more about my life. I wanted to write about what made me happy, what upset me, what inspired me, what made me question what I previously had thought. To do that I couldn’t just stick a picture of a sandwich that I’d made, or a bunch of flowers, and then go on to talk about how I felt the lack of responsiveness to climate change was concerning me. Well I could, but it would look rather oddly placed!

Anyway, I thought why not create a blog, which was basically a mish-mash of the different thoughts in my head, but without a general ‘target audience’ so it were. It includes a variety of things that affect my life; education, floristry, mental health, money saving, food and then all the little things that life throws inbetween!

My photography is not always fantastic and my grammar could do with some work (a little worrying that I’m studying Education!), but it is real life. I don’t want to create this very unrealistic view, my life has its up and downs, and through this blog is a way of documenting my story. I hope that you enjoy reading, and if you have any questions, let me know



About me


I thought it would be a good idea to write a little bit about myself, as the ‘About Me’ section is always seems to be the first bit I go on when looking at a blog. So I’m Sarah. I’m currently studying Education at university and really enjoying it. I have no idea where it will take me, in terms of whether I will continue to gain further qualifications and be a teacher, but I quite like following the path I am on currently, and hope that I will figure out my way as I go.

I’ve got a big interest in food, I always think this sounds greedy, but I can’t really explain it any other way. If someone’s talking about food, I’ll be listening; a recipe, a new product at the supermarket, restaurant review anything remotely food-y. Food is just something that makes me smile, I love the whole process of the beginning of a bake, to sitting down and eating what you’ve made. It has the ability to comfort you or bring a group of people together, which is something pretty special.

Flowers is next on my list. I trained as a florist during my gap year (which was spent working at a supermarket, which is surprisingly interesting if you’re a bit of a foodie.) I also did work experience in a florist in the city centre and helped out with anything floral at the event’s company I worked for over the summer wedding season. I find flowers therapeutic and also seeing people’s faces when you give them what you have created. Also, considering I’m the least practical person ever, with a terrible sense of coordination, baking and floristry show my surprisingly practical side, which is usually well hidden!

And finally, I can’t talk about my hobbies without touching on my money saving attitudes. I love a bargain, a coupon, voucher or reduction. I am there. I genuinely cannot remember the last time I bought some clothing or something for the house or garden, that was full price. It must be at least four years ago…

Anyway, enough of the rambling (now you can see the reason behind the name!) That is a bit about me and my blog, and I hope you enjoy reading!