Last year, I gained my Level 2 Certificate in Floristry, as well as competing in a regional competition and volunteering at a florist. I have wrote a bit more about my studies here. I am by no means an expert, but I am a very eager learner about all that is flower/plant related!


I can’t remember what sparked this interest, but I chose to organise my school work experience at a local florist. I absolutely loved it! For those two weeks, I really felt that I had found something I knew I wanted to in the future. Although, I was cleaning my room the other day, and saw the diary I wrote about my work experience. I had to write one thing that I had learnt on my first day, I wrote ‘wear more comfortable shoes.’ (It’s ridiculous how long you spend on your feet as a florist.)


Also here are some different arrangements from a bit of a novice like myself…

Ancillary items

Floral Headband

Studying Floristry

The Prompt – Choice

I am hoping to do a little flower factfile, about different flowers/foliage that are in season or popular.