Bargain blooms

I absolutely love having flowers in the house. I don’t know why, but I always think that people who have got fresh flowers in their house have got their life together. Adding a bunch of flowers on the kitchen table is like the finishing touch, so everything else in the house must be spick and span. Although, looks can be deceiving and the reality can be very different. For example, we have two vases of flowers (strong start) but we also have a porch roof that is leaking and a broken toaster! But we will forget about the crumpet-crisis for a second, and look instead to the flowers…IMGP5185

Now, this isn’t the best image. I took it last week, when I was in uni for an assessed presentation. I saw them when I got off the bus. It is a local florist that bunches up their odds and ends of flowers and foliage and sells them off for £1 a bunch. I decided to get two, because I couldn’t decide which one I liked the best. But what this also meant was, that due to the worry of someone else buying them, I kept them in my handbag for about 4 hours. Not ideal, but they were strong little things!

So, when I got back, I split the packets up, some for the house and some to put at the cemetery. I gave then a quick drink and before I took some of flowers away I thought I’d have a quick photo shoot of them, because I thought they were all so lovely. Here’s a quick run through about them individually…

IMGP5188So, this is an Allium. It can be grown in the garden by bulb, and has similar, delicate flower shape to Wild Garlic (just without the smell!) I particularly liked this one, due to the quirky kink in the stem, which you can just see on this picture.


This is Bouvardia. I love the characteristic square petal and bud formation, providing some great contrast in any hand tie or bouquet. It comes in lots of different colours, but I think the white just looks so fresh.


Gerberas are becoming quite a staple in a mixed bouquet, and can be easily be bought from most florist or supermarkets. They are so modern and I think this vibrant, hot pink works so well with the bright colours of the blue hydrangea and lime-green Spider chrysanthemum, as shown below.


In note to where I was talking about this bouquets long time out of water, hydrangeas can be a bit temperamental. They can go very droopy and wilted, but all is not lost! To revive them, you can either dunk them briefly in water, or liberally dose them with a water spray gun. I did the later, and you can see how much they perked up!


These flowers really do make me smile. When I look over at them now, I remember been sat in my last presentation, and rather than my usual pre-presentation nerves, I was fretting how my flowers were doing out of water for so long. (I also was worried that my lecturer might think that I had got them for them as a present, as it was our last lecture for that module, so I had the bag stuffed under the table!)

£1 a bunch is really such a bargain, for how much they can brighten up someone’s day.


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