I’ve been studying Education at university since September 2015. Even though it has only been around seven months, it really has been something that has got me thinking. My actual decision to study this subject wasn’t exactly instinctive. I applied to study Occupational Therapy/Psychology in my original choices, after results (even though I could have gone to my choices) I decided to take a gap year. In my gap year, I worked part-time at a supermarket, as well as studying for floristry at a local agricultural college. After this, I was due to begin my study of Food and Human Nutrition, but at the last minute I swapped, had a quick scan at what subjects were still available on clearing, and then Education it was!


I sound a little bit confused, when I actually write that all out! So I’m thankful, that this choice seems to have slotted into my life well, albeit not exactly instinctive. I have experienced many types of education, with A-levels, adult-learning courses and then university, so it has allowed me to gain insight into these settings.

I am looking at big questions involved in education, which may include news articles, documentaries/TV programmes or just general thoughts that pop into my head. But please be aware that all these posts are just purely my opinions on different topics, and are by no means factual or correct.


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