Marbled Chocolate Rice Cakes

For this recipe I used ‘Kallo no added salt organic rice cakes’. Why am I telling you this? Well, by using the offers available at Waitrose, I managed to get them for around 66p per pack (if my calculations are correct!), which is a good price for branded rices cakes that usually rrp at £1.09.

So how do you do it? They are currently £1.09 ‘buy one get the 2nd half price at Waitrose. Then if you have a myWaitrose card you can select these specific rice cakes as your ‘pick your own offers’ and save an additional 20%.*


They are healthy as they contain no added salt, but I’m going to completely go against that by coating them in chocolate. They make a great sweet snack, and are much cheaper than the ready-made ones. (You also get a thicker coating of chocolate by making them yourself too!) I’ve then marbled the top, because I thought it looked quite pretty, but feel free to experiment with toppings. Banana chips, chopped nuts, choc chips or dried fruit, would all work just as well.


Makes 4 rice cakes

Cost per rice cake: 13p


  • ½ pkt (50g) Melted dark choc (I just use the supermarket cheap brand)
  • ½ pkt (50g) Melted white choc
  • 4 Rice cakes


  1. Break chocolate into pieces and melt in a bowl over a pan of simmering water, or in a bowl in the microwave. (Short bursts though, as it does have a tendency to burn if not checked and stirred frequently.)
  2. Lay rice cakes out and put alternating blobs of white and dark chocolate on the top. Using a cocktail stick, or the handle of a spoon, swirl the two chocolates together to create an appealing pattern. This may take some practice, but you can always eat the tester ones!
  3. Leave to set and then enjoy


*check offer is still valid. Correct at time of publication(5/4/16)


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