The Prompt – High

I looked as I walked towards the doors of my university building. They are these large, wooden revolving doors, that we usually refer to as the entrance of Hogwarts.(I’m going to have to remember to take a picture of them, because I’ve sort of set high expectations now!) But I digress, as I went through … More The Prompt – High

Technology in Malawi

I have just watched a video on the BBC site about an advancement of educational technology in Malawi, and wanted to quickly jot down some of my initial thoughts. Education in developing countries is so different to that of the UK system. Even things that we wouldn’t even consider, like the weather, have a big … More Technology in Malawi

Revision Tips

Unfortunately, the Easter holidays are starting to draw to a close, and I will be going back to uni next week. With that of course, means deadlines of exams and essays are edging nearer at a pace quicker than I’d like. So, whether it be GCSE’s, A-Levels, Uni, exams, coursework or essays, I hope these … More Revision Tips