The Prompt – Window

I mentioned in my previous post about my excitement for the anticipation of summer. Where will we go, what will we do and how many adventures we can go on. We’re not going away far, more than likely day trips out or a short stay in the country or city, but I think whenever you go away, there is always that feeling of adventure. You pack up your car with suitcases or a little backpack, as you rack your brain to try and remember if you’ve remembered everything. Surely you must have forgotten something, as you mentally tick off the check list in your head? Then, the slight butterflies, as you reverse off the drive. You’re off, and ready for the adventure to begin…

(Sure enough, half way on your journey, it will come to you. Toothbrush/toothpaste and pyjamas are the most common ones for us! But it is never something that can’t be sorted.)


I am particularly excited for this summer to come, as it will be the first summer I’ve got my blog set up. So, with camera in hand, I will set off with high hopes of capturing some beautiful images of the surrounding flowers and grass. Staring out of the back seat car window, as the country landscape seems to whizz by. Watching as familiar roads and streets become unfamiliar, and where times passes by as you travel down the motorway, relishing the quiet time where you can just look out the window to clear your head. Not thinking of anything in particular, just appreciating the passing landscapes, new experiences and preparing for the adventure to come.


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