The Prompt – High

I looked as I walked towards the doors of my university building. They are these large, wooden revolving doors, that we usually refer to as the entrance of Hogwarts.(I’m going to have to remember to take a picture of them, because I’ve sort of set high expectations now!) But I digress, as I went through those doors, the fresh air hit me. That fresh, crisp air and the sense of freedom. (It was also quite humid and drizzly, but we will stick with calling it crisp!) It felt like freedom.

Over the past month, it has been continuous string of deadlines, essays and assessed presentations. With this, emotions have been high, with a sense of panic, worry, stress. You get to the stage where you wonder if it is all worth it, or if it would be better just to give up? Drop the pen, put away the memory stick and recycle all of the papers that are scattered across on the bedroom desk. But then you think of the end goal, two years from now, and the proudness you will feel knowing that you stuck with it.

I got a taster of that feeling yesterday. That huge sense of relief, where all papers have been handed in, signed off, and you are literally free. Still a day of high emotions, but on completely the other end of the spectrum; excitement, happiness, relief and anticipation of the summer ahead…


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2 thoughts on “The Prompt – High

  1. It is a wonderful feeling when you hand everything in and you’re done! Definitely a high 🙂 Enjoy the break while it lasts and have a fabulous summer! Thank you so much for sharing with #ThePrompt, and apologies for another very late comment, not doing very well at keeping up at the moment!


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