The Prompt – In between


Today, I have just finished my last assessed presentation for my first year at uni. It was scheduled for last Thursday, but there is a bit of a story behind that one…

It’s slightly annoying when I have to pay the £7 bus fare into town. A 55 min each way journey, for just a 1 hour seminar. But since it was assessed, I thought it was probably best if I made the effort! We had only been in the room for about five minutes, setting up the board and distributing the handouts. Then the screen went off and the lights went out. Power-cut.

Our lecturer was adamant we could still learn something, even if we didn’t do the presentations and went off to and get some chalk. In fact, I think he was quite excited about going back to the more old-school way of teaching, using chalk and a blackboard. But then this man came in, asking why teaching had been going on when we had been told to evacuate the building. We didn’t know this so we all got up to leave. When we headed out we realised that the large windows in the room we were in were letting in a lot of natural light and so were deceiving us, because once we stepped out into the corridor it was darkness, with only the green fire exit signs lighting up the way. So our lecturer said where we would meet in about ten minutes, whilst he got his things together. It took us quite a few seconds to realise he wasn’t referring to the library or the study centre for the new venue of our seminar but actually the pub across the street. Not quite what we were expected!

We all hurried over there, getting quite excited by the randomness of it all. We pushed some tables together, pulled over some bar stools, with the sound of the clink of a pool table and music from the speakers in the background, as he tried to continue his lecture. He bought us a few bags of crisps that we passed around, and had a bit of a debate about the current usefulness and quality of global higher education. (There’s always got to be an education link somewhere!) And I had the most lovely time. It was so fun, and I think it is one of them memories that we will all look back on when we graduate.

And that’s where ‘in between’ comes in. With living at home, I miss so many things, nights out, beach trips, bowling, even late night essay writing in the library. That was actually my first social event with the uni group (if you could call a seminar a social event!) I usually feel a bit out of it, as all I do is get the bus into town, sit in the lecture/seminar, and then get the bus back again. But then I like home. University is a big step for me, and because of it being so close by, I like being able to do something completely new and different, but then be able to jump back on a bus and be back in the comfort of my own home. Yet, sometimes I feel like I haven’t committed to either, but just jump back and forth in between the two, and would be better if I made a set decision. One or the other.

Whilst I was at the pub for that seminar, one of the people on my course asked whether I was going to still live at home next year. And yes, I think I am. I say ‘I think’, yet, I know I have to be. I haven’t sorted a place to rent and the cost of that is much too high when compared to the bus fares I pay now. Also, cost always seems to be the reason I say to people when they ask why I live at home. But I would say the main reason is my family. Maybe I think it doesn’t sound independent enough, but I like having the support of my family, and know I would get terribly homesick if I moved away. (Plus, who would get the spider out my room when I saw it scuttle across the floor?! )

For now at least, I think I quite like being ‘in between’…


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One thought on “The Prompt – In between

  1. It’s hard to make that final leap, and I don’t think your should do it until you’re ready to. There’s nothing wrong with being in between, as long as you enjoy both worlds xx Thank you so much for sharing with #ThePrompt, and SO sorry that it’s taken me this long to comment!

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