The Prompt – Choice

It’s funny, as when you’re little you want as much choice as you can possibly have. You want to choose your breakfast, choose what clothes you wear, and choose who you are going to play with. You like the freedom that comes with choice and the independence that comes with making your own decision. But then it changes…

By the time you reach the end of GCSE’s or A-levels, there is too much choice. It becomes scary, as you feel responsible and it is solely your own decision, what pathway you decide on next. You get bombarded with other people’s views; teachers, friends, family. I even had an old woman on a bus (who I had never met in my life may I add!) try to give me her opinion on whether I should go to university or not!

It is really scary, you feel that you are standing at a cross roads and everything rests on your decision. Do I continue with A-levels? Do I go to university? Do I start an apprenticeship? Or do I look for full time work? It can be overwhelming and you just want to go back to a time when someone makes decisions for you again. For them to pick your education route, and you can just obediently follow, as that feels easier. It also safer, as currently you don’t know what to do and feel that everything rests on your choice…

But it doesn’t. For me, I just did A-levels because everyone else was doing them. I had also taken quite a lot of time of ill during my GCSE exams, and so I thought there would be more flexibility with time off, compared to if I started full time work. And so, the choice was made!

Then, I remember I was the last person in my year to send of my UCAS application (which is a university entrance submission.) Why? I couldn’t decide where to study, what to study, or if I could even do university at all! I was confused by the amount of choices available. Therefore, I had to slowly work my way through all my ideas, until they ran out.

I didn’t get into a sponsored degree programme I had applied for and I had been unsuccessful in an apprenticeship application. So the choice had been made to go to university, as this was the only thing left on my list. Or so I thought…

A-level results day came, I got higher grades than I expected, but suddenly got frightened by the prospect of going to uni. So what did I do? Well, it involved quite a few tears, a part time job and a decision to study floristry at college. I deferred my place at uni and got totally absorbed in the world of all things floral! It was something I loved, I gained invaluable skills, and although it isn’t that relevant to my university degree now (I’m studying education, if you were wondering!) I learnt so much, and don’t ever regret my choice.

In fact, I think it is good to feel confused. You have the opportunity to try something new. Just give it a go, if it doesn’t work out? Try the next thing. Gain experience, but don’t feel any of your choices are critical life decisions, rather look at it as ‘What works best for me right now?’ You can see how confused I was, but now I’m doing just fine! Choice is a fantastic thing and use it as an opportunity to try, rather than something that is daunting.


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One thought on “The Prompt – Choice

  1. ‘What works best for me right now?’ is great advice! Sometimes we get so bogged down in possible consequences that we can’t make a choice, when any choice would at least get us moving forward. Thank you so much for sharing with #ThePrompt x


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