The Prompt – Visitor

This #ThePrompt got me thinking. I was trying to think of someone who in my mind was a visitor and I just couldn’t think of anyone. So I carried on scrolling through Twitter on my computer hoping that I would somehow get some sort of inspiration, and then I heard someone coughing from upstairs. And that’s when I thought; the person upstairs is my visitor.

This is all a bit vague, so it would probably be better if I gave you a little context! The person coughing is my brother. He has come back from university for the weekend. He has lived in the halls of residence since September and shares a flat with six others who are studying a variety of courses.

And why is he coughing? Well, since he has left in September, he has virtually had a non-stop cold. They say you get something called ‘freshers flu’ when you start university, as a result of coming into contact with lots of different people from different areas, and so you are exposed to different germs you haven’t come across before. (That, and the low immunity combination of little sleep and nights out.) But he has had tonsillitis, glandular fever and is now back after been given preventative medication, after one of his flatmates is unfortunately ill. He is now taking some medication and he’s feeling fine, apart from this long standing cold. I think he just wanted to come back to get out of the flat for a bit. (Although I am slightly worried about catching it, so I am staying downstairs for the time being.)

But when he comes back it’s just different. He has become a visitor. When he arrives he will dump his bags, stuffed with clothes, on the kitchen tiles. Then, when he leaves, he will pick up the same bag that has since had all his clothes washed, dried, ironed, neatly folded and placed back inside, ready for his collection. We will have tea planned, rather than just having a quick check in the fridge/freezer. He can have the TV for the day and gets to just laze around, without been told that he should be doing something more productive. He seems more like a hotel visitor than my brother? I have lived with him for all 20 years of my life, so it’s just a bit strange how your view can change in such a short space of time?

We aren’t close in the context of that we share every bit about our lives together, but more of just a family bond. When I was born, he picked up one of his soft toys, tottered his way over to my Moses baskets and carefully dropped it into where I was sleeping, as though it was his way of saying; ‘Welcome to the family’.

My first word was his name. We were out on a walk with my mum. She was pushing the double buggy where he was seated behind and I was in the front seat. I had a bit of a better view and wanted to show him a garden pond that I thought was particularly interesting, and so I called his name.

In first school, he got all of his friends to vote for my drawing, as he knew I really wanted the prize of the competition. I loved drawing, and I think he knew the feeling of pride I would have within myself, knowing that people had actually voted for me. (I actually did win because of him, but unfortunately, I never got my prize of a purple bicycle helmet. But I was still very proud!)

And even when were older, I sat proof reading and helping him to write his personal statement application for university. I helped him with his revision and he would always say good luck and don’t worry before my A-level exams, because he knew the idea of any sort of examination panics me.

Even now, when he is 21 and I am 20, he always wants to make sure I am happy and ok. Even if it is something silly, like picking him up a packet a cookie and a meal deal, as I know he is busy with study. Or he will save a documentary about the Royal family or the Great British Bake Off, as he knows how much I like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Mary Berry!

All these things and all these memories are what I am so thankful for and the reason why he may be a visitor for a short time, but he will forever be my brother.


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One thought on “The Prompt – Visitor

  1. I can understand this change in view. I know that I now feel like a visitor when I go home, even though in a lot of ways it still feels like home, and my mother still looks after me when I’m there (!), I am now a visitor. It’s strange how our roles shift, even as so much stays the same. Thank you very much for sharing with #ThePrompt (and sorry for such a late comment!!) x

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