Flower Factfile : Daffodil


I thought I would start doing little ‘Flower Fact files.’ By no means am I the best florist, but I have gained a little bit of experience through both study and work, so thought it would be useful to write some helpful tips that you could try at home, as due to each flower behaving slightly differently, you can help ensure quality and life for longer by bearing some simple tips in mind.

  • Name: Daffodils/Daffs (If you are buying bulbs to plant in the garden they may be referred to as Narcissus which is their genus)
  • They come in a range of types, there is the traditional all yellow daffodil, the smaller headed Narcissus ‘Tete-‘a-tete'(apologies can’t get the proper lettering), or the Narcissus ‘Paperwhite’, among many others
  • They are very cost effective in comparison to other flowers and provide so much cheerfulness
  • Can be sourced from the UK, which means less air miles, which is always a bonus
  • The availability depends on the weather, but this year it is around late February until mid April
  • They have a hollow stem which has sap in. This sap can make the water less fresh more quickly, so be sure to keep an eye on this, changing about once every 2-3 days
  • This is a poisonous flower and the sap is an irritant, so wash you hands after arranging them or handling them
  • Do have a subtle fragrance when opened, I had never noticed it, but be careful if you suffer from hay fever, as they may irritate your symptoms
  • Their hollow stems mean that they are best avoided for any floral foam or wiring work, as it it can get fiddly as they are so delicate, but to be honest, I think they are most striking grouped together, just daffodils in a vase


I mean, look at them, what is not to love!



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