It’s back to uni after a bit of a break and time has really flown! Yet, if I had to write a list of all the things I have done, it would come to a blank. This break has been exactly that…a break, and I’m really pleased. However, I have also came to the sharp realisation I should have done more work. I have two essays, and one written exam, all due in at the end of last month, I did think that a should have perhaps done a tad more work. So after the mad panic to get it all done, I thought to myself never am I going to let that happen again. I am going to be organised, in control and be sat relaxing as other people, like I did last time, scramble to try and get it all finished.

But this is never going to happen. My time keeping towards deadlines has always not really been up to standard. I specifically remember in Y8, I had a written presentation in for Geography. I can’t remember the title but my final presentation had a large picture on the title page of a mum penguin and its chick, (Edit: I’ve just remembered it was Antarctica!!) The mad rush, late on the Sunday evening began; I scribbled things down as my dad read out info from the computer, my brother was stapling and poly-pocketing what was spitting out of the printer and my mum was colouring in a diagram whilst helpfully reminding me that I really should have done it earlier. A bit too late for that now though! Much to my particular amusement, not so much my families, I was given a good grade for it. So maybe the pressure is a good thing after all?

Yet with all of these sorts of assessments, I always have the best intentions. I would write a list of what needed to be done (more than likely colour coded) usually on the day it had been given out. Or write out the much anticipated ‘Revision timetable’ for my A-levels. 10:30-12:00 Psychology – Theory of Mind, 12:00-12:15 Break, 12:15-14:15 Sociology-Role of the Family, etc., etc.…  But I can guarantee you, the break would last more than 15mins. I would get caught up in a TV programme, computer or decide we had nothing in for lunch so do some baking instead. Even when I did the revision, it was never two solid hours sat in my room revising. I’d continually lose focus; watch for the bus outside, get some hand cream because my hands were dry, have to stop because the hand cream was leaving a residue on the paper when I wrote, thirsty, my pen had ran out, or that I needed to sort out my bookshelf or make up.

But somehow I made it, passed my GCSE’s, A-levels and now- still with my short attention span and terrible organisation- starting university. I was adamant it was not going to happen this time. I bought a neat little file and even an academic year planner. However, by the looks of things, I’m already not showing particularly positive signs!!


The first week all neatly wrote out…

… and the following three months, not a single word written.


So for this week, I have wrote out all the different things that need to be done, and places that I need to be, in the hope that I will finally become an organised person, but I’m really not sure if I will ever change…



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