…And it’s done!

I’ve finally finished all the assignments and assessments, which were all very conveniently due to be completed in the same week. Although you could then say, I maybe should have organised my time a little better, but that’s never been known to be my strong point, and it’s only when it really comes down to it, and deadlines loom, that I actually start to get a move on, as I talked about in my previous post.

Although, I actually handed in one of my assessments early, which is big news for me. My brother was getting a lift from my dad into town, and so to save a bus fare/journey, I hopped in too. I sat smug with my USB stick, thinking I had it all covered, but then remembered that I’d forgotten to bring any sort of poly pocket, as I needed to submit a hard copy of the essay in the drop box in the upstairs of the uni building. But after some bag scrummaging, I still couldn’t find a stapler, paperclip or just a poly pocket, the library stapler was then out of staples, and I wasn’t go to go and pay £1 for some in town when I have about 100 at home. Anyway, this ‘lack of paper holding device’, isn’t really particularly interesting, and cut long story short, I ended up folding the paper and trying to sort of lower it into the box to stop them flying everywhere, so good luck to the person who has to collect it!

All the topics where quite interesting, albeit not all that education related. The one I have just mentioned was looking at the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). I don’t know if they are that well known (I hadn’t heard of them before starting the course) but they consist of 8 goals set from 2000-2015, to try and improve the world. The impact of them has been varied, and they have now been replaced with the Sustainable Development Goals. It was different to the usual topics covered, and gave me a chance to think about what I thought would be most useful to help developing countries. Although that is a fairly big question to even begin to answer! I’m not sure if I’m able to publish work I’ve submitted for uni, but will definitely look into it, as it makes you think about what you would do yourself and if what we are doing currently is enough…

But, as a result of this, the last couple of weeks have been a bit quiet on the blogging front. I’ve missed it, and whilst I’ve been revising, I’ve had to stop myself drifting back into thinking of a recipe idea or just a general life story I could write up. It also feels very weird trying to get back to a more informal way of writing. I’m constantly wanting to try and evaluate key theorists, sling a couple of references in here and there, and glancing down to check if I’m close to the word count! I also need to change my font, which I’ve realised as I’m squinting whilst writing this, that is still in essay writing mode and probably about four sizes too small.

I like having a motivation to get me through the hectic time of exam week, and for me it is my blog. It’s still really scrappy, the font suddenly jumps to another in a write up, the photos are a little grainy, and I’m lost about how to give it that professional finish. But I’m very much into learning on how to fix it, and so hopefully these are problems that will melt a little, when I get a bit more into learning the ins and outs of its working. (i.e. frustrated and typing the problem into Google!)

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