Welcome 2016!

Blogging is something that I’ve followed others doing for years. I love reading little snippets and insights into other people’s lives, but I’ve always been so hesitant of publishing my own.

I mentioned a couple of posts back how I had a bit of a redesign in terms of what I wanted my blog to represent. I am much happier with this one, as I think it gives a truer representation of my lifestyle.

For months and months, it has been privately publish only, worrying that people would find my life a little too boring to read about. But it’s 2016 and with new starts and all that, maybe the time is right to send my little blog into the world of the web…

I don’t really do new years resolutions, I can’t even remember what I was supposed to be doing last year, which shows what an impact it had! But this year, it’s going to be about my blog and trying to really get into it, and do exciting things that I can document.

I still struggle with getting crisp photographs, and my photography skills in general need a lot of work. I tend to forgot to take a picture, and then when I remember, the light has gone. And anyone who does food photography I admire. It’s all about the placement, so that it doesn’t look staged and is just much more natural, looking like something you could have a go at making at home.

And the other big thing is the timing of food photography, as I always just want to eat it straight away, as it can go cold by the time I’ve finished photographing it. (Maybe I’m just a little slower, and there is a better way than what I’m doing currently!)

So here it goes, first post live, and welcome to 2016… Happy New Year!


(P.S Managed to get this calendar at Tesco for 8p! It has month by month pieces of A5 card that are held together with a bulldog clip.)

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