Panic on Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, I clocked out at just after six o’clock for the last time at the supermarket I had been working at over Christmas. We had just been driving past the traffic lights, probably only about two minutes into the journey, and then I remembered; I’d left my Dad’s Christmas present in the staff room near the lockers. Oh I was so unbelievably disappointed! I literally cannot understand how I had forgot. I think I was thinking about a couple of things with it been my last day; locker key, uniform, hours sheet and clocking in/out card, and I think that in the excitement of wishing everyone a nice Christmas and saying goodbye, I simply just forgot.

I was one of the silly ones who left getting a present until the last day. I felt especially bad, as my dad had helped me order a book off the computer for my mum weeks ago, so he knew I had planned her present for much longer. But (not wanting to make excuses for myself) I had been waiting for my discount card for over two months, but had only got it the night before, and was wanting to get a bit of saving-some things never change!


So anyway, I got upset in the car, spilling out the whole story about how I’d been thinking about what to get for ages and then the things that had sort of got in the way. But, him being him, was absolutely fine about it, saying that he didn’t anything on Christmas. But he must of. We don’t give hugely expensive gifts to each other as we’ve got older, and I tend to get a couple of little bits and bobs for about under £10. This year I had simply asked for some of them elastic hairbands, as I use them non-stop for when I’m doing my make up or just want my hair scraped off my face when I’m having a lazy day in the house. So we do keep Christmas low key, but you have to have something to unwrap. You don’t want to look at all the little wrapped gifts around the tree, and discover that your dozy daughter had forgotten to pick up her shopping bag she had left in the staff room!

I felt incredibly bad, and actually still do. I’d much rather have forgotten something of my own, but when it has the consequence of upsetting someone else due to your own actions I find it much more difficult. Luckily my Mum helped me to reshuffle some presents, so he got one of my brother’s presents wrapped up to open. He also, quite handily, had a book delivered that he had ordered for himself that morning, so that also got wrapped up. He seemed quite content with the gifts, but I still cannot shake off the guilt.

Today is the 27th December and the shop is back open, so I am popping in at lunchtime and hoping it is still there. Fingers crossed they will then get all wrapped up and I will pop them under the tree for when my Dad gets backs. Better late than never I suppose!


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