Floral headband

Today I had a go at making a floral headband. It’s something that I’ve been wanting to try for a while, and feel it went quite well. I used some gypsophila as the base, it is a flower that is relatively inexpensive and can be bought at pretty much any florist and most supermarkets.

It lost popularity a while ago (Secret: It’s not the best smelling flower in the world), but I think it’s coming back due to it working well with the natural, vintage-y trend for weddings which has grown in popularity. And if it’s your wedding, I think that gives you a pretty good reason to wear a flower crown all day.
(I didn’t realise what the back of my head looked like, if that’s not an obvious thing to say!)

floral headband

All you do is take small stems of gyp and using some wire(I used green to match the stems) slowly bind the two stem cuttings working your way around in an anti clockwise direction (I’m left handed so right handed may go the opposite way) and keep building the cutting of gyp so that you cover the prior wound wire and have and all round, full shape. Remember to measure your head first to have a length that you need to reach (or alternatively, as I did, keep holding up the length of gyp garland until you think it will fit your head.)

I have quite a large head, I remember in middle school having to swap with someone, as I broke my cardboard reindeer antlers we were going to wear whilst we sang in the Christmas choir on the journey there, so someone with a smaller head kindly swapped.

Anyway I’m changing the subject, but using gyp is a really good way of learning how to make flower garlands, as it is inexpensive so it doesn’t matter if it takes you a few times to get right.


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