Ancillary items

Ancillary items, unless you are a human dictionary, probably leads to the question; what on earth are they?

Well according to the floristry world they are plastic extras you can put in an arrangement. With that description, my mind jumped straight to them supermarket bouquets that have a glittered sprayed pinecone stuck in the middle, so I was very relived when I saw all the little bits and bobs on the college bench when I arrived in the morning. Now there is a huge urge to have a bit of a child in a sweet shop moment and want to stick one of everything in, but I tried to stay a bit more controlled. (That and the fact it’s a fiddly thing to do, as you have to wire your chosen item and then cover it in floristry tape, something which I still haven’t developed the knack for!)


My final arrangement included rosy plastic apples and dried decorative limes, which aren’t the easiest things to source, but we got these from a wholesalers, which is by the way is the place for people who like anything festive from about November onwards!

However there are some other options that work nicely as well, that are a little easier to source. Pinecones have a festive feel, just be sure to securely wrap the wire around the individual spikes at the base of the pinecone.


Ribbon is my best discovery from this. I was worried it might look a bit artificial, but some nice ribbon in a complimentary colour, is effective but also cheap, as you only need a small loop of ribbon to create the effect.

I covered a wire hoop with hessian and studded it with decorative green and red bobby pins to create a collar to sit the arrangement in. The flowers followed the flame and rust colour theme with roses, carnations, hypericium and leucadendron.

The vase is one I brought in myself with a large amount of cello taped cardboard and bubble wrap, as I had brought it in on the buses. I got it from a home ware store for £3, and it came with a pillar candle inside. I call it my red hurricane lamp, but my dad is convinced it should be called a ‘cranberry glass’, but whatever it is called I quite like it and thought it went well with the design.



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